Monday, May 31, 2010

my most favorite couple and camera :)

To be honest, i only started watching SBS tv show We Got Married after seeing Petite Couple (2AM Jo Kwon & BEG Gain) news being spread last year. This tv show basically pairing 2 celebrities and becoming "husband and wife", having their life together facing all the ups and downs. Kinda addictive, ive update myself with their latest episodes every week. After petite couple, there comes Sweet Potato couple (CN Blue YongHwa & SNSD SeoHyun). If u still remember, i did posted about them months ago, and now still waiting for their updating episodes.
Since i got 2 weeks college semester break, i've actually watched the original version of We Got Married. In this original WGM, there were at first 4couples got paired. My most favorite is AlShin couple (Alex & Shinae). They were just perfectly suited each other ^^ and because of them, i started more liking polaroid cameras. Amazingly, my bestfriend also has same interest with me, she was also liking polaroid camera, urghh wish we had it.. XD

AlShin couple, the sweetest WGM couple ever~

another couple in original WGM which is also my fav, AnSol couple :)

loving polaroid camera since watching them using it :D

they looks sweet, ayte? ^^

i wish had a life just like them :)

btw, i'm also loving their "theme song"- flowerpot & like a child :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

gathering 5suci @mcD :)

29may 2010, class 5suci buat reunion kat mcD rawang. 7 org aje yg join, wuwu, yg lain sume bz dgn hal msing2. dak yg join: intan, wanie, niera, siti, ivy, kirbakaran, n opkos myself. jmpe lpak mkan kat mcd, siap ak n wanie g refill air ha. saje je refill ngengade, mnum xabish pn, wakaka..

time tgh beratur maw beli makan. ak order nc goreng USA aje.. lalalla

dgn slambe nye suma bratur kat tangga tnpa rsa gudah gulana tinggalkn beg kat blakang hahah
kami ber-7. how it would b nicer if its d whole class can b there :D

me with d "asma ishak profile picture" pose lalal~

tedy bear yg ktorang beli same2. mine yg pkai dress merah with the topi tu :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yess finally!! :D

nyiahahaha akhirnya saia suda dapat lesen keta!! yayyy, setelah bbulan lamenye mnunggu turn jadual class yg da penuh on march n april, n hav to pay another 40ringgit for L renewal, finally i made it bebeh! weee
Akademi PS Samy, Kuala Kubu Baru. promote jap :p

lucky number :))

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a thought for ourself

sick and tired.
i dont know,
i'll ask you then.
didnt see the white,
only look at the black.
when the black comes to you,
then you'll search for the white.
disgust at others,
but rotten in own selfs.
some wishes made,
only for the wind knows.
if they could ever knew
what they should know,
sure they wont feel
as what they felt yesterday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2PM Bios :p

Official Name: 2PM
Members: Park Jaebum [LEADER] (박재범), Kim Junsu (김준수), Nich Khun (닉쿤), Ok Taekyeon / Taecyeon (옥택연), Jang Wooyoung (장우영), Lee Junho (이준호), Hwang Chansung (황찬성)
Debut: 4th September 2008

*Name: Park Jae Bum
Nicknames: J-Bum,Bum,Bummie
Birth date: April 25,1987
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Specialty: Rap and break dancing
Extra bits: Korean,American-born,JYP Auditon Selection

*Name: Kim Junsu
Nicknames: Jun.K J.Kim -- by Sully
Birthday: January 15, 1988
Height: 178 Cm
Weight: 73 Kg
Specialty: Singing, composing AND BEING FASHIONABLE

*Name: NichKhun Buck Horvejkul
Birthday: June 24, 1988
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Thai and Chinese
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 61 kg
BloodType: O
Religion: Buddhism

*Name: Ok Taekyeon
Nicknames: Coco, Chocolataek, Taek, Taeky, Khun's girlfriend, Mommy Taek (married to Daddy Dae)
Birthday: December 27, 1988
Height: 185 Cm
Weight: 76 Kg
Specialty: Beatbox, rap, and making that loud darth vader noise
From: Boston, USA

*Name: Jang WooYoung
Birthdate: April 30, 1989
Height: 180cm
Weight: 67kg
Specialty: Dance

*NAME: Lee Junho
Nicknames: Rain-look-alike, baby maknae
Birthday: January 25, 1990
Height: 176 Cm
Weight: 64Kg
Specialty: dance, sing, rap, beatbox.

*Name: Hwang Chan Sung
Birthday: Feb. 11, 1990 (our maknae)
Visuals: 183 cm/ 62 kg
Specialty: Dance
Extra: Unstoppable Highkick + Korean Art High School

Sunday, May 23, 2010

photos to be shared :D

oke now i wanna share some of my latest photos collections. so here they are:
got this pix from my fren's page. muaxx luv u guys damn much, BFF forever n ever k? :)

Nichkhun posted this pix on his twitter, he plays mini golf with bored-patient junsu. keke, aww so sweet of him ^^

got this pix from junsu's twitter. he still bored when other 2PM members playing table tennis without him. LOL with your injured leg, how can u join, hehe

woot woot~ G dragon oppa chilling out with flo rida backstage bebeh :D

WHATTT??? taecyeon oppa plz dont do that! i hate yoona, n i know many other ppl hate her too (i can see everyday ppl bashing her weee). warghhh plz dont go any further, wuwwu

list of latest K-MVs :)


C.N Blue- Love

Super Junior- Bonamana

Big Bang- Tell Me Goodbye

Wonder Girls- Two Different Tears

more updates will b post soon :))

exam's over!

yahooo! finally it's time to rest my ass after few weeks being busy like a bee. my 6th semester has just finished yesterday, after parasitology paper. whether we want it or not, life must go on, only another sem, then our life in KLMU is over LOL. smtimes kinda feel "cant wait until the end of the day there, wanna see myself as a lab technician, weee", but another half of my mind says "awww, plz slow it down, i want to be here with my frens, going to b miss them after this :(" hmm...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

away for exam sake

Final exam tiba lagi. haha mcm musim raya lak. uihh rase mcm baru je lagi final exam sem lepas, ni da ada final lagi, mmg da nak penuh da memory ak yg xsbrapa bsar ni haha. ak mmg kna focus kot, lagi brapa sem je lagi ni, kalo maen2 skunk nnt pointer makin turun n turun, cmane ak nak cari makan hah? orang xkan pandang pnye orang yg pointer ala kadar ni, kecuali kalau banyak knal ORANG DALAM la. ak mane knal orang2 bjaya ni, suma sderhana je. dah la hutang banyak, keja kalo xde mmpos ak nak bayar hutang pakcik yg nama singkatannya "PTPTN" uw.. mmg beban, kalo mak ayah kaya, bole mntak dorg bayar cash je. tapi da dorg pn rezeki takat ckup mkan je, xkan nak susahkan lagi kan? bab sambung belajar ak xfikir lagi, buat pening kpala je, nak mntak biasiswa pn payah. so, ak nak study btul2 skarang d tahap ni. blajar bukan nak bsaing dgn orang lain, tapi bsaing dgn diri sendiri. ak nak sgt ubah nasib family ak. insyaallah dgn result yg oke, cerah pluang nak dapat rezeki. Amin...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

reunion 6utarid :)

Sabtu, 15 May 2010, a day full of blast, happiness, n gila. haha. Reunion of students class 6utarid SK Sentul 1 (2002) at KLCC, msing2 ade perubahan. ye la, 8 tahun kot xjmpa, since 2002. But bila da bkumpul dgn mmbe2 skola rndah ni, trasa diri ni mcm muda smula pn ade, tringat balik kisah2 time skola dulu~

Dak2 yang join reunion ni: Izzan, Syaza, Afiqah Khishamuddin, Afiqah Ibrahim, Sara, Alan, Ain, Saef, Wafi, Ckin, n ofcoz myself. (if ak xdtg, xde maknenye nak post dlm blog ni HAHA)
Sblum nak smpai ke KLCC, ak stucked dlm jam, ada lori tbalik kat rawang, sejam gak xgerak, sengal toi~ smpai sana dlm pkul 12 centu, bkejar2 jugak ah, dgn nak mncari dak2 lain yg tgh lepak kat park time tu. =.="
frm left: saef, wafi, izzan, ain, sara, syaza, asma, afiqah ib, afiqah khi, shikin.

puas lepak kat park, amik2 gmbar suma, msing2 menggerakkan diri ke dlm KLCC, pusing2 dlm tu n trus ke foodcourt dsane :D

lpas sesi mmenuhkn perut ak n sesi menggilakn diri (mostly alan ar H A H A~ :P ) p pusing2 shopping. sempat dpat 1 cardi kat Romp, yayy

Smbang pnye smbang, dlm pkul 5.20pm centu, ak balik, ayh ak da smpai dpan klcc tggu ak. mmg keje gila gak sbnarnye ni join reu, dah la dgn nak final exam lagi 2hari je lagi. penat mmg pnat, tapi bez sbb dpat jmpa kawan2 yg da lama xjmpa. Nnt kalo ade lagi reu 6Utarid, hope sgt suma dpat datang, baru lagi bezz :D

*Pix yg tiada label tu d creditkan kpada Syaza, amik kat FB dia heheh :)

taecyeon oppa uljima~ ;(

Yesterday, 15may 2010, 2PM attended the tvN ‘X-Concert’ in Seoul Mapogoo. After the performance, Taecyeon oppa was seen tearing, then Chansung n khunnie oppa offered a comforting hug. Awwww~ And then MC Gil also offered tissue paper to TaecYeon. He kinda look like a baby, heheh but still makes me wanna cry too seeing him crying ;(

It is said that TaecYeon cried seeing the support shown by the fans who showed up at the event. Dont worry oppa, we still love and support 2PM, fighting!

Friday, May 14, 2010

knapa orang suka ikut trend?

Tba2 ak tpikir, "hmm apesal kalo sorang je yg start 1 bnda, suma pn ikut?" bnda tu mcm2 r, cntohnye, bla tgk org jual shawl n cardigan online, suma pn berpusu2 nak jual jgak, masing2 bsaing nak promote product masing2 (but harge ak tgk kalo beli sndiri kat luar lagi bez kot, lagi byk bole dapat, haha) kalo tgk org pakai handphone model ttentu yg hangat d pasaran, tibe2 bulan depan nmpak kiri kanan suma pn pakai brand or model yg sama, da mcm tade kilang handphone yg lain da. pastu, zaman pakai selipar tinggi2. haha ak pakai selipar mcm tu mase ak darjah 6 lah. weee ak trendsetter, wakaka (xpcaya sudah bwekss).

This trend bole jmpe when talk bout music too. ak ingat lagi mase tu ak form 1 kowt, ak mnat kat jason mraz, start lagu remedy & you n i both. time tu suma pn wat2 xpandang je jason mraz, ak je gile kat dia haha. tup tup, lpas lagu I'm yours masuk billboard, sume pn do bsiul2 lagu jason mraz, lalalala. same situation as wonder girls nobody uw~

Budaya tiru/ ikut mengikut ni kkadang penting jgak, kunk ketinggalan zaman lak en kalo xikut. tapi agak2 la beb, kalo smua org kat dunia pn tiru, nnt last2 suma muka sepesen je, xde ape yg unik lagi psal diri sendiri..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I luv AdaMaya, do u? If not, just STFU k ;P

Hmm cite AdaMaya kat slot Akasia TV3 da abish, wuuuuuuu sedih ni.. suke btul tgk drama ni. ak ni jenis yg xbrape nak tgk cite melayu, bkan saje nak mengada, tapi da mmg tiada minat. orang cerita lah pasal cerita apa pn, Nur Kasih ke, Tari Tirana ke, Kau dan Aku ke, kalo ak ade tgk ak paham la, kalo tak tgk, ak wat dunno je. but 1 hari tu, time tgh boring2 tukar channel, ak bukak TV3, tgk2 je ade AdaMaya, episod 1 time tu. ak trus berminat nak tgk. Perghh memula pn da best ni. ak pn melekat ah tgk. ble bkak FB, rupa2ny, rmai gila yg mnat cerita ni, n dorg suma gila dgn tahap kecomelan Amani yg melampau tu, heheh, siyez weyh comel!

Mia Sara @ Amani, budak comel yg terlampau, heheh :D

Drama ni jalan cerita dye mcm filem I'm Not Single, lakonan Lisa Surihani jgak, actor lak Farid Kamil. Tapi yg bezanye drama AdaMaya actornye Sein, n dsambung smpai dorg dpat anak n anak dorg pn dapat line dialog, n yg penting, COMEL! wahaahhaha

Maya n her daughter, cute together :)

HAHAHA, padan muka Dani, weee

Love the most this part, gigit je smpai putus kaki Dani tu, wahaha


wuuu miss them aredy nih.. ;(

owh shoot!

hahah, ysterday test i only got passed in bahagian 3, jalan raya, but bhagian2, atas litar, last minute kreta mati engine, time tu da nak kluar dari 3 penjuru, sikiiiiiiiiit je lagi nak passed. shit!! kena ulang balik amik test 2minggu lagi, huhuk~

and.. i got a very surprising n kinda depressing request from HER. hahahahahahhahahahahahahah lawak gila. betina tu mmg taktaw malu, weeee, ko ingat ko bole ar nak tunjuk muka ko yg hipokrit tu kat suma orang la en? please la weyh, im not as plastic as YOU.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OMG, esok da hari JPJ test, agak cuak r ni, tapi kna kuatkan smangat, mntak2 la test bjalan dgn lancar n ak dapat lulus, amin.. asma, fighting!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

wish me luck :D

upcoming 2weeks will be my most bz week of my life (well, atleast for this semester) im gonna sit for final exam, n not forgetting, JPJ test the day after tomorrow. yes, this wednesday. sigh~

think im not ready for the test, jongmal, wuu, but still, i have to do well, or else my semester break will b burnt just for another class n test, xsanggup..

wish me luck guys ^^

this photo was taken on my last driving class. lalallala

sedikit serlingan. luv this band n their songs, n Tentang Kita was one of it. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

i love u mak~

tmorow, hari ahad ni mrupakan hari ibu, omputeh lak ckap mother's day. hari ni la sume anak2 mnunjukkan kasih syg n phatian kpada ibu masing2. spatutnye bkan stakat mse mothers day je, hari2 pn kne la jage hati mak ayah, enn?? ak btuah sgt dpat mak ayah yg sporting n fham ak. ak sayang sgt dorg. kalo ade ssape yg pnah rase mnyampah dgn dorg dlam hati tu, baik g format balik hati tu, g mntak ampun kat mak keyh, sbb syurga kat bwh tapak kaki dye (kompem suma da taw, tapi wat2 xtaw je, still nak sakitkan hati mak, ak taw, sbb ak pn ade je buat bnda2 yg bley skitkan hati mak, scara sedar or xsedar.)

nnt ahad ni pn ak wish jgak kat dye, tpi kat sini nak wish awal2 ar, saje je nk buang masa kat sini, lalalal~

slamat hari ibu, mak taw en kkak syg mak sgt2. trima kasih sbb sggup jaga kkak slama 20thun ni, sbar dgn prangai kkak, n smua ah, mmg kkak taw xkan tbalas suma jasa mak wlaupn seumur hidup ni kkak b'usaha nk balas, kkak akn pstikan hdup kte skeluarga bhgia smpai bila2, n dberkati slalu.. nnt insyaallah kkak da dpat rezeki yg halal, kkak bg mak duit blanje, mcm mak bg kat kkak time skola dulu (amount je la yg xsame kowt lalalla) eheh. love u mak^^

tbe2 je mata kami jadi sepet skit, msalah lighting kowt, lalal

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

can i hv a rabbit?

huhhu lame2 buli c KoKo tu da rse boring lak dgn hamster ni, tade prasaan ouh, kalo lapar baru nak buat2 muka innocent kat tuan dye sbb na mntak mkanan, tu pn kekadang ak wat2 xnampak je (lalalla) :p
ak smpan cita2 nk bela rabbit ni da lame da, tp mak ak bebel ckap busuk natang ni, wuwuw so xjadi la ak bela, just berangan je la :(

urghh rase mcm nak baling je kn natang ni? comel sgt, wahhahah

Sunday, May 2, 2010

bila kebosanan melanda

hmmm yg gmba ni lak tetiba sesat jap kat sini, sbb malas nak buat new entry. jumaat ritu kami g pavi tgk cite The Losers. sekian, hehehh

Saturday, May 1, 2010

dear mr internet, cn u plz help me?

sick n tired being fooled by u, mr. internet! bila guna u for things yg useless n xbfaedah, laju je signal u. tapi when it comes to finishing work n assignments, pheww~ barely cn get a fuckin single bar. mmg sial ah en u? urghhh...
mr. internet, im beggin u plz give me the signal, as high as when im FBing. i really need to finish my hematology's work, going to submit it soon, n still lot things to do, plz... HAHA, da mcm org gila da ak ni, but its reality though. mmg signal ni maen2 dgn ak. haizz bu yao jiang, wo chen de hern shi guan ni, mei you bien ni lor~ keke :D

KARA's new single coming soon ^^

after a successful dark version of KARA Lupin, this song i think will be a hit too. they r using soccer theme for this song, and this Hara's version teaser we cn see her playing with ball, so cute!

cant wait for the full MV!

current screen saver

seminggu skali slalu ak tuka screensaver, ntah mayb sbb byk sgt pix kt dlm lappy kowt, sbb tu nak pkai sume wahahah. minggu ni ak pkai pix ni. comel gila ouh baby ni, bulat, mata pn biru, haizz kalo dpat kat ak, mmg ak sepak2 je dak ni HAHAHA..
aigooo~ comel!!
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