Sunday, August 28, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

This upcoming September 24th 2011, Galaxy Group will organize Korean Music Wave 2011 live at Stadium Merdeka, KL Malaysia. Lineups of performers are GTOP and Seungri of BIG BANG (no Daesung and Taeyang T.T), Park Jung Min of SS501 and Teen Top.


The ticket price range and seats. Hmm quite expensive, but if they could add more lineups, it'll be better. Need my Taeyang!


Park Jung Min

Teen Top

So, prepare yourself, your pocket money, your energy, your screams, your fanchants or whatever to make this wave on September 24th comes alive!


14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 13- Junseung is Real

Annyeong! Today I wanna share about my favorite OTP in Beast. My original pairing was JunSeob, during their Shock era. Then was 2Jun, the perverted leader is the best in making Junhyung shows his cute side of him lolz (girlish slaps ftw! xD) But, back to the original couple, the "husband & wife" couple junSeung. The beauty Hyunseung really is beauty, and we could seen where his beauty came from, of course from his beautiful mother. Junhyung, which never can be as manly as he is, really makes him the most suitable pairing with Hyunseung. Lol these pairings never makes me think they are gays or what, their culture are like that, males can be close just like girls do. In fact, Junhyung had many girlfriend histories, and currently having a girlfriend, which is me. I wish HAHA. She is Kara's Hara. Awwhh that lucky girl is so lucky~ But JunSeung still the best OTP for me, they even have that couple face too, and that makes them even special! :D JunSeung is real!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 12

Beast during their photoshoot for United Cube concert promotions


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perghhh Kenapa Ramai Orang Korea Singgah Kat Blog Aku??

Salam. Annyeong~!! Bosan2 ni aku usyar la jap kat statistics blog aku ni, and guess what?? Audience blog aku ni rupanya ramai lagi orang Korea daripada orang Malaysia, bahahaha, and ofcourse the search engine to my blog is non other than Naver. Hamagadd~ I feel like crying now, having this variety audience, from different countries, visiting my humble blog :) Thank you for everyone, lovely followers, pembaca blog secara rasmi atau tidak, mahupun semua stalkers sekalian. Yes, big shoutout kepada penghendap2 sunyi di luar sana, disebabkan andalah terhasilnya traffic ni hahaha, teruskan men-stalking robowtasmara okay, love you my fans~~ *pegi muntah cepat*

*Click for enlargement*

Motif gambar ni?? Saja nak upload je, dah berhabuk dalam folder ni haha


14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 11- Beast as Classmates? Like~!! :D

Awwwww I wish I had these hella beautiful boys as my classmates! Most definitely my mood every morning waking up for school will be more passionate than usually I did hahahahaha xD If these boys are my classmates, I will make sure myself to attend each class session without any fail at all, and most likely I might win the best attendance student haha


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slippery Stage Block B xD

Lol been so long in my draft, never being publish, only to realize it now hahah.. Aww poor our Block B had to perform on slippery stage, most probably it was because of the rain, but you'll find it hilarious and entertaining (in a good way of course xD)


14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 10- Omma

Yoseob with our *ahemm* his mother xD


Monday, August 22, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 9- Bullying Gikwang

The Joker and the naughty (pervert lolol) leader caught bullying the poor innocent sheep Gikwang haha xD


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beast on K-POP All Star Live in Niigata

Saturday August 20th 2011, Kpop stars performed at Niigata, Japan for MBC K-pop All Star concert live in Niigata, such as 2PM, Infinite, Kara, SNSD, Teen Top, 4 Minute, Beast and others. Beast performed Fiction, Shock (Japanese version), Beautiful, and Fly So High together with 4 Minute.

Their vocals are awesome as always, but noticed that Gikwang was so tired here, with his all tight schedules, but he managed to perform his best here, and even still can smile throughout the performances. And, Junhyung, he's just so liking the moments here, hmm got inspiration there Junnie? Haha you know I support you anyways, Jester forever ^^

Enjoy the performance here!:


14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 8- Beast to Meet B2uty

Salam, annyeong! 8th day of Beast editing challenge, and today's theme I chose photo of Beast at the airport, to see international B2uty. Awww they're so busy with the tight schedules with all the broadcast performances, concerts, fanmeetings, CF filmings, sitcoms, gameshows, and others, I'm sure they're all tired, but still have the strength as long as there are b2uties still supporting and loving them (including me of course xD) In this photo, as you can see, Gikwang was not together with them, because his schedule is far more tight and busier than others, so he's usually departs later than others. In this photo also you can see Junseung and Dooseob (and also 2Jun) moments lol xD OT6


Saturday, August 20, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 7- Dongwoon the (Arab Prince) Maknae

Annyeong! This never looking like a maknae is truly the youngest member in Beast, Son Dongwoon. His face features makes people call him Arab Prince, and once they said even 2PM Nichkhun (Chinese-Thai) looks more Korean than him lolz but seriously, he has least Korean features eventhough he is truly a Korean man xD But! Once he makes his aegyo moves, all will fell for it, like seriously, he could be one of the cutest maknae ever!


19 August 2011, Last Day with Gulf Link

Assalamualaikum! Annyeong! Jumaat 190811, hari terakhir aku bersama Gulf Link, first company aku bekerja setelah bergelar graduan. Banyak kenangan dan pengalaman yang aku dapat sepanjang bekerja kat sini, one of it was the OGA day, interview session dengan Dayang Enterprise, dan segala macam drama swasta yang dilakonkan pelakon2 dewasa yang sangat matang yeayy. Dengan Gulf Link aku dapat belajar cara-cara berkomunikasi dengan lebih baik, especially di kalangan orang2 berjaya ni. Big credit to my present boss, Ms Judy, for giving me the opportunity to work in the company, eventhough from the very start I’ve already told her my communication skills is really limited, but I’ve promised her to improve mine, and I did it, Alhamdulillah. Tapi memandangkan aku dapat satu peluang ni, bekerja di lab, which is my preference field, I have to make this decision, so wish me luck guys! ^^

Sesi bergambar memang harus la kan, bukan selalu, haha, so these are the moments of my last day in the office. Too bad boss got work to do and cant make it to enter the office.

Big shoutout to the colleagues Kak Mel, Tasya, Shida, Intan and Fatin, and also to the ex-colleagues for being there with me getting all job done everyday and melayan lawak2 aku yang kadang2 secara tiba2 menyerang korang lalal, hope korang ikhlas la melayan keyh, yeayy :P

Dah nak balik, sesi membeli tiket lalalaaa~~

Sementara menunggu train, sesi camwhoring bersambung semula xD

Hari tu jugak aku ber-iftar bersama2 geng gojes yeayy, dah2 alang-alang ber-3 kan, ajak la Wanie skali join, weee :D berbuka kat Mom’s, had a great iftar together, siap semua bertema baju tradisional, heee ^^

Solo shots :D

Thank you to all of you, I repeat, ALL of you, and I'm truly sorry if I had anything wrong, tersalah kata ke apa, kalau ada hutang yang terlupa tu roger2 la bagitau, nnt boleh bayar heheh, and lastly, wish me luck for my new career kayh? Kita sama2 doakan masing2 yeayy, amin... :)
Love you muaxx


Friday, August 19, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 6- Gikwang Beast Muscle Babo

Hey! Day 6th of Beast editing challenge, and today is my last day working with my current company :( Here is my first bias, Lee Gikwang. Haha I'm prefer him to be cute and squishy like this, but his buff and muscle-full image suits him well too, lalal xD

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