Sunday, August 21, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 8- Beast to Meet B2uty

Salam, annyeong! 8th day of Beast editing challenge, and today's theme I chose photo of Beast at the airport, to see international B2uty. Awww they're so busy with the tight schedules with all the broadcast performances, concerts, fanmeetings, CF filmings, sitcoms, gameshows, and others, I'm sure they're all tired, but still have the strength as long as there are b2uties still supporting and loving them (including me of course xD) In this photo, as you can see, Gikwang was not together with them, because his schedule is far more tight and busier than others, so he's usually departs later than others. In this photo also you can see Junseung and Dooseob (and also 2Jun) moments lol xD OT6


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