Wednesday, August 17, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 4- Junhyung the Handsome Joker

4th day of Beast editing challenge, and here is my husband, Junhyung. Yes! Goo Hara karago! isaram nega nampyonheyo!! bwahahaha (in my imagination only, Junhyung is still Hara's boyfie in reality T.T) This boy really made my bias list total wrecked LOL. First time "learning" Beast, my ultimate bias was Gikwang, cuz he was so attractive during Bad Girl days (pheww, currently he was realy getting more and more attractive with his never-ending-buffing muscles all over his body lolz, but he's not my ultimate bias anymore, haihh xD) Yoseob was my second ultimate bias, during Shock and Soom, and he was seriously super duper cute, seriously, when I saw him (together with Beast of course) last January during their visit to Malaysia for Digi Live Kpop Party. He is so short which is noticeable compared to other member, no wonder others are treating him like a maknae, eventhough he is not haha. But!! Suddenly out of no where, I was totally in love with Junhyung!! Why? Why?? Wae??? Lol~ Junhyung is so charismatic that he is effing sexy even when he's standing and doing nothing lol xDD Seriously he's my total bias. Saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae!! yeayy!! (even my entry for his photo is longer than ever haha)


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