Friday, August 12, 2011

Infinite Releases "Be Mine" Dance Practice Video

Infinite is my new obsession, they are so effing talented! OMG my love for them are growing each day! OMG OMG, I think I'm becoming Inspirit now! *fangirling mode*

These are preview of Be Mine dance practice session, as the video was uploaded by wooliment

Be Mine is the best ever Infinite's song, after Before The Dawn :P I really love to watch this version rather than the music video or live performance recordings, because there's just too many camera angles, close-up shots, which it makes their awesome synchronized choreography is somehow affected, and cannot be seen clearly. BUT! Through dance practice video, I can watch ALL of them dancing like a mirror, literally! OMG they are so synchronized that I thought there's only a person dancing to this song lol xD But seriously they are awesome!!

Here's the video of Infinite's Be Mine dance practice. My eyes are sticking to Hoya tho, haha!

The MV:

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