Sunday, August 28, 2011

14 Days BEAST Editing Challenge: Day 13- Junseung is Real

Annyeong! Today I wanna share about my favorite OTP in Beast. My original pairing was JunSeob, during their Shock era. Then was 2Jun, the perverted leader is the best in making Junhyung shows his cute side of him lolz (girlish slaps ftw! xD) But, back to the original couple, the "husband & wife" couple junSeung. The beauty Hyunseung really is beauty, and we could seen where his beauty came from, of course from his beautiful mother. Junhyung, which never can be as manly as he is, really makes him the most suitable pairing with Hyunseung. Lol these pairings never makes me think they are gays or what, their culture are like that, males can be close just like girls do. In fact, Junhyung had many girlfriend histories, and currently having a girlfriend, which is me. I wish HAHA. She is Kara's Hara. Awwhh that lucky girl is so lucky~ But JunSeung still the best OTP for me, they even have that couple face too, and that makes them even special! :D JunSeung is real!


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