Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo Of My Desktop!

Keeping the Faith Eternally~ made this on tumblr, and I wanna show mine too! xD

:-Post a picture of your desktop exactly as it is right now - no cleaning or hiding anything!

So.. This is it! My office PC's desktop xD So Beast!

** Some of icons need to be blurred, it's related to job only :P Join if you want to!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 110629-Love Is Universal


Wordless Wednesday 110629



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wordless Tuesday

Ahh ikut suka aku la nak buat entry Wordless ni bila-bila hari aku nak hahahaha =="



Junhyung Is In Relationship With Hara! ^^

BEAST Yong Junhyung and KARA Goo Hara is DATING~!!!

On June 28th, Cube Entertainment announced, “They had a senior/ junior relationship until they began dating. They’ve been dating for about a month now. When Hara was going through some difficult times, Junhyung consoled her. Because of their busy schedules, they’ve only been able to go out to eat and other dating activities three times so far.”

DSP Media also announced, “They do have good feelings towards one another, but they’re still getting to know each other. It’s only been a month so far. Please watch over them for a bit more.”

An associate of the two revealed, “The KARA and B2ST members are all close to one another because they’ve been promoting around the same time (at Japan). They depend on and look to each other for consolation. Ahead of their Japanese comeback, their relationship has gotten a lot deeper through support meetings.”

The two were caught confidently dating on the early morning of June 9th, the day Junhyung returned from B2ST’s Japanese concert. After drinking coffee at a take out cafe in Kangnam, the two drove around the area before parking near Junhyung’s home. For an hour, the two walked around the neighborhood and around the park before settling at the ‘Sky Park’ in Sangam-dong.

Seeing the two hold hands side by side was definitely a heartwarming sight for reporters on the scene. The two apparently used every spare moment in their schedules, as they met up again on the early morning of June 13th to walk around the back alleys of Hongdae.

What’s amazing is that they didn’t hide who they were at all. In the car, Hara would roll down the windows and stick her head out to observe the night view.

An associate of Hara’s explained, “Innocence is Hara’s charm. She may have begun promoting early, but she’s not affected by that at all and still manages to preserve her innocence. Yong Junhyung probably fell in love with her pure charm.”

I was so shocked when the first time I saw this article! My heart was... Hmm.. :/
BUT! Junhyung is a human too, he doesn't LITERALLY belongs to B2uty, especially Jesters, so he is absolutely can make any decision for himself, he can love any girl he wants, and I'm totally happy to see him happy!! :D

Hara, you're so lucky, SERIOUSLY!! xD


Monday, June 27, 2011


Wootz~! Dunno why but today I feel like want to make this entry lol. Leaders of K-Pop groups. All of them have their own character and personality which attracts me to like them for whatever they are; some are cute, kkap (being cheap, in a funny way), clumsy, dork, and responsible as a true leader. So, enough babbling, lets meet (some of) K-Pop leaders~!!

G-Dragon (BIG BANG)
For me, GD is a true leader, always a perfectionist, stylish, talented in song creating, can be 200% cute if he wants to, and definitely can make girls' hearts melting by his eye-gasm stage performances.

Yoon DooJoon (BEAST)
Pervert leader, nuff said. LOL! Beast was known by close relationship among all the members, so there are several "relationships" that I like, which is 2Jun and of course DooSeob. So cute, and there goes Pervie leader scenes again&again xD

Jay Park (2PM)
Yeahh I know I know he's no longer in 2PM, and already successful with his own amazing album, but the reason Jaebum still a leader for me is just because he's the first leader that made me crazy, just like him xD Missing Wild Bunny moments~ T.T

Choi Jong Hun (FT ISLAND)
He's cute, but I like Lee Hongki more~! puhahaha xDD

One of my role model actually. She's just so GaHee xD I love her voice, dance moves, and she's even has abs! ^^

Taeyeon (SNSD)
Cute leader! She looks so young, eventhough one year older than me O.O"

He loves chicken. lol. Onew is really clumsy boy, he fell onstage gazillion times, but yet being professional he continues his performance together with SHINee. His has a unique voice too!

Jun Young (ZE:A)
Sorry Junyoung, but I love the maknae more xDD

Woootz! They're probably prepares for a comeback! Better hurry up! Sick of that 2008- Nobody already =='

Alexander (U-KISS)
Hmm he's already left U-Kiss ayte? And was replaced by SooHyun. Hmm cute leader anyways

JiHyun (4MINUTE)
She's a beauty! Love her voice too, and her appearance on Lee Hyun's MV is just attracts my eyes and not to not paying some attention on her xD

Jay (TRAX)
Ahhhh!! I love his voice!!! And he can act too~! ^^

CL (2NE1)
Female version of G-Dragon xD Her real name is Lee Chae Rim (이채린). I love CL as much as I love 2NE1. I love 2NE1 as much as I love their amazing songs :D

Yang SeungHo (MBLAQ)
Yakuza leader xD SeungHo is most probably a gangster-like-and-has-dark-cloud-on-his-head man that can do aegyo the least. He's just too shy being cute, but he never realized that he is so cute that way!! xD

Boram (T-ARA)
The leader of one of the most talented girl group, and cute!

Jo Kwon (2AM)
The kkap leader. He can be as cheapest as he can do. Being ssanti and doing anything that other men can even hardly imagine. But hey~ his singing is just so beautiful! Seriously!

Hyorin (SISTAR)
This sexy girl can make boys going nuts with her dance moves, and her package comes with great vocal too!

YongHwa (CN BLUE)
Yong Choding~ Being the shortest in his band doesnt make him easy to be bullied xDDD instead, he can be a strict leader if he wants to! Yong~ (Imma Goguma couple shipper!)

U-Know (DBSK)
Been listen to Dbsk songs since my school days (since I'm a halmemi already, sigh). Yoochun was my love btw~~ Lalala xD

Park Chorong (A Pink)
Starts hearing about A Pink because they are kinda related to Beast, A Pink is in A Cube Entertainment company, hehe

Being a leader of 13 members (with all completed members) definitely not an easy job, but he did it!

Ohh I though Ga In is the leader~ Kidding! Palli make a comeback unnies~~

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
The 4D leader. He can act so very well! And *ahem* I love his abs too! xD

HyoSung (SECRET)
Ahh~ her "relationship" with Gikwang is just so NOT for me, haha sorry :P

One of most talented rookie K-pop groups, their songs and MV really can make me rapes the replay button xD

Victoria (F(X))
2PM NichKhun's wifey! xD

Waiting for your comeback guys~ Woof! :D

JinYoung (B1A4)
2011 rookie cute group, well, just look at the leader!

Gyuri (KARA)
She admitted herself as a goddess, Gyuri really has a "likeable annoying" aura that makes me kinda like her! Haha pretty is sometimes annoys people :P

Zico (BLOCK B)
Being a HelloKitty-lover-leader of my most anticipated rookie group of this year, Zico became one of my bias, after Jaehyo the derp xD LOL don't be fooled by his cute look in this photo, he's a SWAG.

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