Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beast Coordi Noona Issue is Fake, Nuff Said.

About the rumor concerning beast’s coordinator:
“Hello I am writing this passage on behalf of Korean fans. First us fans want to tell you how upset the Korean fans are about this ridiculous and childish rumors spread by some of the immature fans, and want to apologize to all the groups that got involved in it. The coordinator involved in the rumor belongs to the coordinating company called London Pride, which has been in charge of many idol groups including DBSK. However, London Pride has never been in charge of Shinee, and thus, the coordinator in the rumor has never been Shinee’s coordinator either. The stories that are going around are all made up rumors, meaning they are 100% FAKE. Since their debut, Shinee’s coordinator has been designer HA SANG BAEK. It is said by Shinee fans that this has been the first case for a professional designer to coordinate an idol group, so it had been quite a news at their debut. Therefore it is clear that London Pride, or the coordinator of the rumor has never encoutered Shinee at all. The photos will show that ALL albums that has been been released has credits and Thanks to’s to stylist Ha Sang Baek.

Korean fans are all aware of this, and apologize to Shinee and their fans who had to put up with such a ridiculous rumor. Again, stories about the coordinator who harrassed the fans and the members of Shinee is all fake.

As a fans of Beast, we also want to ask all fans, in Korea or abroad, to please stop the trespass on members’ privacy too much. We do not have the right to order members in their social relationships just because we are fans.

What we can do just because we are fans, is to encourage the members, respect them, and to give them warm comments and mentions. Fans are to support and uphold a singer. We hope that every one of our fans can give Beast support, and there will be no more harrassment and hurting words toward the members.

All fans abroad who are reading this, we ask you all to please show this to fans who had read the previous passages about the rumors, and still believe it is true. Thank you.”

Cr: b2utyseob.tumblr (via 저승사자동운)


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