Thursday, June 23, 2011

M&D_뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth)_MUSIC VIDEO Released!

SM Entertainment's latest project group M&D consist of Super Junior's Heechul and Trax's Jungmo revealed their debut music video, "Close Ur Mouth". This MV features a lineup of idols, and good friends (chocoball members ftw xD), including Simon D from Supreme Team, Jia from miss A, Lee Hongki and Jonghoon from FT Island, and Junhyung from BEAST.

Jungmo plays lots of instruments in this song/MV

Heechul with Hongki and Jonghoon

Busan dude Simon D

Cute Junhyung for the win! xDD

Miss A's Jia the lucky girl featured in this MV (jealous haha)

Bonus! Heenim's ppo ppo x)

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