Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jinwoon, Can I Be Your Girl?

Puhahahahaha!! I just cannot hide my excited-ness once I got an alert from my friend that my question for 2AM was selected by AstroHitz with Jojo Struys hosted a program call Out and About! Last month, 2AM came to Malaysia, and experienced some of Malaysian customs such as kain pelikat/ Sarong (they got confused the name with Seulong's name LOL), roti canai, batik drawings, and teh tarik :D

Today, in a 30-minutes-broadcast program, Jojo announced that Astro Hitz chose random questions from fans that already comment on their Facebook wallpost about 2 weeks ago to ask 2AM themselves. Actually, I was totally forgot about this, and after my friend told me that my "brilliant" question towards Jinwoon was chosen, I was like ".... Oh my gosh, what have I done?=.="" But then I was all excited! Well yeahh my question surely stands out enough for them to choose me ayte? xD

Wanna know what my question was??

Hahhahaha seriously this question was totally random from my semi-complicated brain! :P

After Jinwoon heard my question, his reaction was just all shy! Heck yeahhh who the f in this world wont blushed after sudden hearing this kind of question right? xDD Hahaha.. Then he answered "Ermm.. *speechless, as it's representing "no" answer* and says, "how could I dating a girl that I didn't know?" Then all other 2AM group members reacted "Hey~! how could you do this, this is so cruel, etc~" And Jinwoon still with his eyesmiling all the time hha.. Then he said, "Okay, if she's completing my type, then, why not? kekeke"

JAW DROPPED!!! Hahahahah I just all laughing, happy gazillion percent! xD


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Anonymous said...

What a cute story. You are such a lucky girl because you catched the attention from jin. Melting...

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