Saturday, June 11, 2011

Introducing My Lovely New Girl

Hello hello! ^^

One day straight singing to MBLAQ and Beast songs really makes my throat sore, zzzz... But still resuming whenever got the chance and their songs really didnt bore me at all, ever. No neun na yae virus~~ xD

*ahem* okay this entry is obviously to show off the cuteness of my lovely new kitten, i still dunno what to name her, but just call her YawYaw okay :D Random.

Teehee kesian, tuan dia malas nak tolong korekkan hidung xDD

Budak ni kan, suka sangat buat muka kesian, tapi naughty macam hape je =.=

Nak cungkil mata dia bole?? xDDD COMEL GILAA

24 hours a day are play hours for her

Happy je bila penat2 balik kerja tengok muka innocent ni :D


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