Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Block B Tell Them/ 가서전해 MV!

*Phew~ What a screenshot LOL! Nice tho! xD

Block B's first mini-album, "New Kids on the Block" is scheduled to release online today, and offline the day after tomorrow on June 24th. And for Block B's fans, BBC, this music video totally will make you spazzing all day! They are so cute! And guess what? The album is totally made by Block B, BLOCK B!!

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Tell Them (Written by Zico, Kyung, co-composed by Zico) U HOO HOO (Co-written by Zico, Kyung) HALO (Written by Zico, Kyung, co-composed by Zico)

Check the video here, awesome~!!


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