Friday, June 3, 2011

Beast Hyunseung Finally On Twitter Now! ^^

Wheww, so tired from my activities today.. BUT!!!! A good news catches my eyes once I found out that Jang Hyun Seung from Beast has finally made his own Twitter account WOOHOOO!!!! Complete!!!! xD

And, this was his first photo on his Twitter, tadaa~~ HyunPeace!! xDD
*Ahemm, is that Yoseob HyunPeace-ing together with our Seungie?? :P

Within few hours since his first Tweet, his followers has been reached 30,453, which is really definitely going to increase, as B2uties are all already anticipating his Twitter account! :D
And of course Hyun Seung trending in Twitter all night, and perhaps all day for tomorrow too! :DD

Wanna follow Hyunseung? CLICK HERE :)


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