Thursday, June 9, 2011

Penang: The Kenduri and Vacation

Saturday, 4th of June, my family an I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony, at Tasek Gelugur (pardon me if the name is wrong, I'm not the one who's driving, eventho I got a driving licence :P)

So.. Pictures! :PP

Heck yeah, the maxi was draggingly long, and I'm wearing a selipar jepun xD

With my mak. Kembar enough? :P

Pengantin di sana~ Bila aku nak kawin ni? Choii

Cute groom's mother, my auntie, call her Mak Uda. :)

Glowing yellow theme couple

Okay, enough photos from wedding ceremony. (Actually I have many more family photos, but seriously I was tired last night to resize and adding watermark on them, so.. Yeah.. :P)

Then! We head on Pulau Pinang! My first time actually :D First place we placed our feet is Batu Feringhi beach. We didnt swim there la actually, just lepaking, viewing sea breeze (?) hehe..

Tingg!! *adding sound effect* outfit changed ady! :D Searching for souvenirs
Dinner time

My ayah and mak. Cute ayte? :D

Teehee nice skirts, but I rather buy Uniqlo's cuz the prize are just about the same xD

At guesthouse ready to bumbum *yawn~

Nyahahaha like mother like daughter, i know~

Kat Penang apa lagi, mamak saja la, yayy kari piaww punyaa~ *Penang slang

Rainy day.. Sigh cant stick to our plans T.T

Temple apakah ini? Siapa dapat jawab saya bagi cekelat

Promoting Komtar, my mom's fav =.=

Whacchu call this place? I dunno, just came here snap2 that cruise background :D

Abang beca di tengah jalan

Padang Kota Lama

First time naik feri. Oke one word, Excited!

See? ke-jakun-an atas feri :P


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