Thursday, May 19, 2011

2AM Datang Malaysia!

Uwahh!! Cute guys from Korea are already at Malaysia yesterday, wootz!! 2AM are informed earlier to be in Malaysia for their album promotion at KL, Wisma MCA Ampang, if I'm not mistaken this weekend. Last night they experienced Malaysian culture such as Batik, Kain Pelikat, Teh Tarik, and Roti canai! :D Welcome to Malaysia 2AM!

Seulong looks like a Malay guy already seriously, you can join me Raya2 next time! xD

Even I don't think I can do Batik as good as they are =.="

Jinwoon tried to make Teh Tarik with his sweet eyesmile. The Teh tarik probably too sweet for us to drink! :P

2AM trying their self-made Teh Tarik

Changmin tried to make roti Canai. Quite good for a beginner, eventhough got koyak2 here and there xD

LOL Jokwon thinks it's pizza ehh? Where's the curry??

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