Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Saw Some Se7en~!!

30 April 2011, the day I went to The Mines MIECC main entrance to see Se7en live!! OMG seriously I tell you he is so so so so cute!! *fangirling continues from yesterday*

The event said Se7en will shows up at 1-2PM, so I went to The Mines as early as I could, but to find this place (MIECC main entrance) was a bit confusing for me, and luckily I finally got to that place, thanks to The Mines' directory staffs.

12:30 PM, I could hear loud music and girls screaming, so obviously I found the place, and using that scream as my guidance, I reached MIECC main entrance safely lol xD

This group is Lollipop, from Taiwan. Wow really unexpected to see them here, I actually knew them since 2006, from their tv show at Astro AEC, and I do adore one of them, I even cried for him back then. (dont want to tell you which one!) xD

Because I came later than everybody else, I only could stand at the most behind line cuz everybody were already packed themself at front of the stage T.T, BUT!! A miracle happened! When Lollipop went off the stage and ready to go somewhere else, the girls were just screaming and following Lollipop, leaving their spots behind. OMG and as fast as light, ofcourse I stick myself to the very front row, for the boy I anticipated the most for that day, Se7en~! xDD

Believe me not? This is my spot bebehh!! Everything can be seen here!! xD

Anddd... The moment I 've been anticipating the most had came, Se7en went on stage, wooohooo!!!! He is seriously f-ing cute, seriously... CUTEEEEE!! *fangirling continuous*

He was actually sees me and waving at me so many times hahahaha, well yeahh I'm on front row dude, so definitely he saw me first, then everybody else, woooot~!! :D

His smile... *faints*

Some fans bought his album Digital Bounce had the chance to shakehands and for the luckier ones they got to take group photo with him. I can't find the booth selling the albums, maybe because sold out already =.=" so I just watch them shakehands, hugging, and taking photo beside him T.T

Lucky girl! :D

Again he smiled at me, but the photo was taken seconds after that, cuz I might got the after-effect shocked cuz getting smile from Se7en xD

*I also got videos, but too lazy to upload :P*


The excited fangirl :P


kim heeruul said... nye dia.^^

robowtasmara said...

Hehehe, lain kali jum la pegi same2, meriahh~ xD

kak shima said...

heeeee suke la die tu... hahaha

robowtasmara said...

ehehehe suke suke suke~! xD

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