Saturday, May 7, 2011


Rumors and reports have been flying around Korea that members Eric and Minwoo of Shinhwa, Korea’s longest-running boy band, are planning to set up their own Shinhwa Company.
If all goes as planned, Eric and Minwoo will head the company while the remaining four will be majority shareholders.
Why go through all this trouble? Well, all six members are under different management right now, which makes it difficult to plan group activities. The proposed Shinhwa Company will provide a sub-contract system for the members’ individual agencies to coordinate members’ schedules with ease.
With all the rumors and reports flying around, one thing is clear: Nothing is confirmed yet.
Jang Seokwoo, CEO of Open World Entertainment (which owns the rights to the Shinhwa name), recently told reporters that no final decisions have been made. Jang stated that although he did speak with Eric and Minwoo about their proposal, Open World has not yet given them permission to use the Shinhwa name. He did, however, show a positive attitude towards the idea of setting up such a company and the possibility of a Shinhwa comeback. Looks like someone’s just playing hard to get.
The ultimate goal behind all this business talk is, of course, an official Shinhwa comeback. They’re aiming for next March – March 24, 2012, to be specific – which marks the group’s 14th anniversary. Let the countdown begin!


This is my all-time-favorite song, so beautiful!

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