Friday, May 20, 2011

Beast is Coming, So I'm Going Or Not? :/

Fans of Korean Pop are firm to be gratified with the reliable report of the renouned Korean group, BEAST. The organization consisting of beautiful organization from Korea will be holding BEAST Showcase Live in Malaysia 2011 not too prolonged from now.

These singers from Korea will accommodate their fans on 1st Jul 2011 at Sunway Lagoon during 8.30PM. For those of we who already know of this extraordinary news, we’re certain you’ll be some-more vehement to buy the a tickets to declare for yourselves their performance.

You can get the tickets during these special prices, RM 500 VVIP, RM 388 VIP, RM 288 PS1 and RM 188 for Rock Zone. All these tickets would be charged (additional)* RM3 for executive fees. When can we get hold of these tickets? The tickets would be on sale from 14th May onwards, and the organizers would also announce the media partners that would be the fortitude of the promotion that would run for BEAST Showcase Live in Malaysia 2011.

OK. These are some of things I've been concerned of:

1. THE TICKET PRICE RANGES. RM188 is the cheapest, and I could guarantee it's free-standing. Whatt?? I have met B2UTYs already, and I know their energy. WILD! =.=" so I don't think I'll having a good time there with this price range, but for other packages.. Too expensive for me! Aigoo! T.T

2. VENUE: Sunway Lagoon. Ehh? Why not a stadium with these "international" price range? They'll provide seats? I don't think so. With my height, which is short =.= I'm sure I just barely can see them, after competiting other B2stly B2UTYs T.T. I need seats, no standing T.T

3. TRANSPORTATION: I dont think I'll have own transportation to go there, as the concert is at the night, I kinda noob with KL traffics, and seriously I don't want to put others in trouble just for my pleasure sake.

4. I want to gooooooo!! But there's just so much buts!!! T.T =.="



kim heeruul said...

bdk2 group ramai tak leh pergi concert tu..sbb time skewl..hehe

robowtasmara said...

yeke, huuu, mmg semua pun xkene la event ni, buat kat sunway lagoon tu yg plg takleyh tahan tu, grrr

Hajar Arswaniey said...

waaa..! T.T.. nak pegi...

robowtasmara said...

same la, wuu :(

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