Monday, May 31, 2010

my most favorite couple and camera :)

To be honest, i only started watching SBS tv show We Got Married after seeing Petite Couple (2AM Jo Kwon & BEG Gain) news being spread last year. This tv show basically pairing 2 celebrities and becoming "husband and wife", having their life together facing all the ups and downs. Kinda addictive, ive update myself with their latest episodes every week. After petite couple, there comes Sweet Potato couple (CN Blue YongHwa & SNSD SeoHyun). If u still remember, i did posted about them months ago, and now still waiting for their updating episodes.
Since i got 2 weeks college semester break, i've actually watched the original version of We Got Married. In this original WGM, there were at first 4couples got paired. My most favorite is AlShin couple (Alex & Shinae). They were just perfectly suited each other ^^ and because of them, i started more liking polaroid cameras. Amazingly, my bestfriend also has same interest with me, she was also liking polaroid camera, urghh wish we had it.. XD

AlShin couple, the sweetest WGM couple ever~

another couple in original WGM which is also my fav, AnSol couple :)

loving polaroid camera since watching them using it :D

they looks sweet, ayte? ^^

i wish had a life just like them :)

btw, i'm also loving their "theme song"- flowerpot & like a child :)

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