Monday, June 7, 2010

its so close, yet feels so far

We knew it. All about it. But we never even mention anything. Remain sealed is the best thing. Disturbed. Unpleasant feel yet wanna have it. Yesterday was the greatest day. Badly wished to stay there, don’t wanna move on. But who knows about tomorrow? Being nice is not the solution. I’ve seen how people pay for others kindness. Proud for the people, hurt for the others. Can I know where the justice is? It must have been hiding somewhere, long time ago. Tears are no longer pure. Sweats are no longer bring fortune. Everything are just worthless. Cannot be leftout, this is a cruel world. Cannot be weak, this is a heartless law. Dreams are just dreams, but we can make it reality, by not dreaming again. Yes, we can make a change, by changing the usual things we made, not others.

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