Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lots of Love! part 3

Salam. Annyeong! Sunday, 18th March 2012, went to Putrajaya for 4th Hot Air Balloon Festival, together with Aya and Tikanab. :)

Love this most!

Kami berangan kunun2 naik hot air balloon ja~ haha

After an hour, dah rasa kebosanan, we moved our asses to Alamanda Putrajaya, and movied ourself with Seefood!

Okay! End of "Lots of Love" series lol. Next entry pasal belacan pulak HAHA. Kbai!

Now listening: Foo Fighters- These Days



ikiketetel said...

OMG. gila best dapat g hot air balloon festival. fuhh <3 -aqilah jamal-

robowtasmara said...

ehehe bez2!

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