Thursday, December 31, 2009

yes imma koreanholic, so what?

today got 2009 KBS Gayo Daejoon (music festival) n belive it or not, ive watched it live, thanks to my korean fanatic-friend, they told me the link to watch it live, yeahh!! the performances was so fantastic, especially when all bands and other singers together sing various songs of MJ, its a tribute to him as the king of pop. urghh but yeah to watch a live broadcasting show online, its so painful, lol, as it always lags and have to wait for couple of secs until it done buffing, but yet still happy as im one of the first international viewers watch the festival, heheh, n the winner for the best song of the year was taken by Again and Again- 2PM!!!! yeahh 2PM oppas won, saranghae 2PM!! <3

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