Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BLUE is my color ^^

haha takde keje kat rumah cuti2 ni pekata aku amik quiz2 yg melambak kat facebook tu. aku ade amik quiz "Which 2PM member are u?" and the result was= TAECYEON!!! wahahaha my beasty bf yayy

this is my beasty bf, lalalala~

then aku amik this quiz, "Which color bestsuits ur personality?" guess the result.. LOL cant think any? It was on the title, durhh.. I got BLUE, and these r the details:

You are blue! You are a deep, sensitive dreamer. You are usually laid back and calm, though, like an ocean, you can kick up a good storm, too! You are probably a daydreamer, who has his/her head in the clouds. You love spending time with your friends, and probably just go with whatever they want to do (you're a go with the flow type of person, just like water!). You are emotionally inclined - unlike reds, who feel passionately and intensely, you feel things deeply and strongly.

You are extremely loyal, and your friends can always count on you to be there for them. Blues are almost always very intelligent, and they strive for perfection in many areas. You may tend to beat yourself up for your imperfections. Other people admire you and strive to be like you, but you probably have a hard time understanding why. You can be light and fun at times, and other times deep and introverted. It just depends on your mood. Sometimes you throw people off with your random changes in disposition, but your friends love you anyways. You can be a very wise, intellectual person, but you have to pull yourself up out of your own thoughts first!

You, in a nutshell: Deep, emotional, wise, loyal, slightly moody, feeling, sensitive, supportive, intelligent. BLUE!

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