Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2PM's Cinderella Unnie Parody XD

On their first concert, they made a "drama" taken fron KBS's Cinderella Stepsister (where Taecyeon himself as a supporting actor in this drama) all the vids were uploaded by lucky fans that went to their very first own concert. OMO~~ 2PM oppas were all was just hella funny as ever! Khun, Junho, Wooyoung acted as a girl/woman. I admit that Khunnie is better looking than the actual actress, Moon Geunyoung haha. And Junho as the stepmother was just made me peed my pants lol XD. I think people in my place might think I've gone crazy cuz I just "AHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!" all the time watching this video!

p/s: these vid contains no subtitle though, so if kinda not sure what they say or their actions, just ignore this (and i think u just missed the crazy "ahahaha" moment.) LOL XD

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