Friday, February 25, 2011

NomNom Till Bloat :D

Everything finished already, time for honeymoon!! Yeah, not so honeymoon for others la, but staying at home doing nothing is heaven for me! Ahahah, boring, but can save everything right? Can save energy, can save makeups, can save detergents for laundry, can save my baby oil, can save money for other purposes such as topup-ing, and definitely can save all my fats!! Ahaahhaha, yeah I know I'm getting bigger and fatter, but I don't really give a demm on this thingy. I gotta better things to think about lol.

Hmm.. Hey check this out. i love ice blended, and obviously a chocolate fan. And cuz I was soo effing lazy to move my ass and go buy some ice blended from Starbucks or Oldtown, I made my own ice blended instead. Hahaha, do you "ewww"-ing my ice blended? Well am I look like I care what other's think? Hell to the no. My own home made chocolate milk ice blended are awesome, I think I should consider on making a business someday! xD

Grrrr, wanna make sum more.

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