Monday, April 18, 2011

Inkigayo Debut Block B

Block B, seven member-team led by main rappers Zico and Kyung, “Birth of a Great Star” contestant and main vocalist Taeil, sub-rapper P.O., and sub-vocals Jae Hyo, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb. Their debut album was produced entirely by leader Zico and Kyung.

Their title track, Freeze/ Don't Move, is an electronic hip hop track that aims to showcase the talent of each and every member.

The debut stage on Inkigayo was too short though, around 2 minutes, its a pity not to see them performing their unbearable overflowing and hot talents lol. Hopefully next time they'll get same airtime performance with others :)

Watch the performance HERE.

cr: allkpop


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