Friday, April 8, 2011

Vocal professionals rank Big Bang as the #2 best singing idols!

Numerous professionals from the music industry recently rank the best and worst sounding idol groups and idol group members, the results of which were recently published through a special Chosun News report.

2AM came in 1st place for the best singing idol group with a total of 11 points, which was achieved partly by their hit song "Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die". “The lead singers and sub-vocalists are able to keep their voices stable at any given part of any song, and their talents are all just about even.”

Big Bang achieved 2nd place with a total of 8 points and their reviews read,

“Due to their great musical skills, and a spectacular continuation of team effort, they scored well.” Coming in 3rd place for the best singing idol groups are the Brown Eyed Girls with 6 points. “Their live singing pitch and breath has always been maintained very well. Emotions are also expressed well.”

Congrates! :D

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