Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sexy In Sad xD

This is a "last month story" lol, but I dont care, because I still got the excitement mode whenever I see or even listening to Junhyung's rap part in Wheesung's song- Words That Freeze My Heart/ Heart Aching Story/ 가슴-시린-이야기

Junhyung got featured in this song when Wheesung wanted to have a rap part in his song, and he even searched for a rapper with a good expression and could rap the emotions out. Then, composer Kim DoHoon suggested Junhyung. Then, this beautiful collaboration begun, and produced a sad song with a full-of-emotions-and-ofcourse-charisma rap! :D

After this collaboration, Wheesung commented, "He is a junior with the ability to control the emotions!"
Junhyung was also spared some time for anticipating in the MV with his activities-packed schedule.

(Jun Hyung's rap part)

안녕 좋은 사람 만나 행복해
annyeong joheun saram manna haengbokhae
뻔한 드라마 속 이별 장면을 베낀다
ppeonhan deurama sok ibyeol jangmyeoneul bekkinda
말이 좋은 안녕이지 결국 널 누군가에게 뺏긴다
mari joheun annyeongiji gyeolguk neol nugungaege ppaetginda
부모를 잃은 아이처럼 우리가 낳은 사랑은 버려진다
bumoreul irheun aicheoreom uriga naheun sarangeun beoryeojinda
그래 이별은 너와 나의 책임이야
geurae ibyeoreun neowa naui chaegimiya
사랑 앞에 우린 죄인이야
sarang ape urin joeiniya

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