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Beast 120204 Beautiful Show Videos

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Hiburan, hiburan jugak, agama jangan tinggal! ^^

4th February 2012, Beast held a wonderful Beautiful Show concert in Seoul Olympic Park! And me, stuck in my home, waiting for fancams and videos uploaded by kind-hearted K-B2uties. T.T

Some of Beast [Beautiful Show in Seoul] Moments:

- Special – Dongwoon showed his abs..
- Soom (Remix Version) – Dongwoon touched himself, Yoseob extended his high note at the end.
- Shock – Doojoon did aegyo, Gikwang asked everyone to screm “Kwek Kwek”.
... Lights Go On Again
- Mystery – The official MV was shown for the first time, the ending of the MV showed the word “Easy”.
- Clenching A Tight Fist - A slideshow of BEAST’s history was simultaneously shown.
- Break #1 - The boys chatted with everyone, Gikwang declared himself as the MC.
- I Knew It – MV was not shown, Dongwoon was flawless, Gikwang’s dance part was crazily sexy.
- Living Without You – Junhyung wore a red suit and danced. The MV was shown simultaneously.
- Yoseob’s solo “Mother”- It ended with pictures of him and his mom being shown on the screen.
- When The Door Closes – Doojoon & Dongwoon were on elevated platforms and had wings.
- Let It Snow – Gikwang & Hyunseung showed their abs and did a new crotch grabbing choreo.
- Thanks To – Junhyung & Yoseob were on flying disco balls. Yoseob hugged 3 fans.
- Break #2 - The boys went out in different costumes. Junhyung as a golfer and played mini golf.
- Break #3 – Hyunseung dressed as an Egyptian Chef and spoke in Engrish. Dongwoon dressed as a photographer and took selcas.
- Break #4 – Doojoon dressed as a Chinese & a doctor while Dongwoon being his patient.
- You - The stage looked like a playground. One B2UTY was chosen by the boys. SHE’S VERY LUCKY. Bow.
- Should I Hug or Not – Doojoon, Gikwang & Junhyung gave flowers.
- Bad Girl – The boys wore casual clothes.
- Freeze
- Hyunseung’s Solo “Don’t You Mind” - He wore a fancy tiger tracksuit. Troublemaker BTS was shown simultaneously.
- Lightless – Hyunseung asked everyone to turn off their phones and lightsticks.
- On Rainy Days – Dongwoon improvised on his high note.
The Fact (Band Version)
- Fiction – Dongwoon told Gikwang that he looks handsome and gave him a piggyback ride.
- Oasis – The boys were on elevated platforms which can also spin.
- Break #5 – Beautiful Show BTS was shown
- Encore Stage #1 : Beautiful. Dongwoon cut his sleeves and carried a Thomas doll. Yoseob wore a headband.
- Encore Stage #2 : V.I.U. Kikwang and Dongwoon was shirtless all the way. The latter also wore a headband.
- The Concert was Ended at 9PM KST
*cr:Welcome to B2ST Airline in Canada

Here's are some of interesting videos from Beautiful Show:

Official Mystery MV. I'm prefer to Arab Prince Woonie's version more~! xD

Thaaaaank you! *dies*

Kiwoon moment

Junhyung in red. I need nothing else!

Aegyo 2-Jun xD

Made me tears listening to his sincere voice T.T

Sexy maknaes!!!!!!!!

Waiting for more fancams and fanvids for their next concerts! :D

Now listening: Junhyung- Living Without You


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