Friday, September 9, 2011

Beast Chuseok greetings 2011

Beast shared their Chuseok greetings!

Doo Joon mentioned,"Most probably i will celebrate Chuseok with my parents,everyone should spend this moment with family members,so i hope that everyone will have a happy Chuseok this year."

Hyun Seung mentioned,"I also wanna share this moment with my family members as well as my teammates,i will make good use of this moment."

Jun Hyung added,"We should celebrate festivals with our family members,for those who are not able to meet your family members,enjoy yourself too"!

Yo Seob said:“Wanna eat food prepared by my mum to gain some weight,i am only thinking about it.."Woah!Delicious."

Gikwang added,“Happy Forever!Be Healthy!Eat a lot of delicious food,but please don't forget us BEAST"!

Maknae Dong Woon said,"Chuseok this year i can be a good son at home.I hope to share this special moment with my family members".


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