Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jo Kwon gives Ga-In an enormous diamond ring!

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently presented Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In with a ridiculously enormous ring.

On October 10th, the lyricist of Ga-In’s “Irreversible”, Kim Eana, uploaded the picture on her Twitter, and also added, “Ga-In received a 380 carat diamond. The man who gave Ga-In this gift, I thought he’d make some sort of havoc but instead this happens.”

It seems like Jo Kwon, who had promised Ga-In that he would give her a big present if she received the 1st place award, found her at the ‘Inkigayo’ recording site to gift her the big diamond (?) ring.

They look so adorable together, and I wonder if the diamond was the real one, because if it's truly real one, Ga-in must have a very strong fingers to hold that giant diamond lol xD

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