Wednesday, October 13, 2010

livin a life as.. robowt?

I'm not a robot actually, just a normal cute(?) girl, living in a very simple life, and very the happy one with my family, weeeee... Jealous much? Well, dont be, i dont have any special talents, i dont sing (in showers or with girlfriends maybe), imma terrible actor- i hate lies. I dont even dance, believe me haha. I live just for myself, and i dont care ppl thoughts on me, seriously. Dont hate me, hate my attitudes. I can be arrogant if i want to. I can be selfish if i want to. I can be a fu*kin jerk if i want to. hahaha. Dont blame me, blame my ego. Robowt is me, but i'm not a robot. hahaha, fu*kin crap.

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