Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Be Quiet" Kim Wan Sun ft. Beast Junhyung Audio Released

Korean "Madonna" Kim Wan Sun making a comeback with a digital track Be Quiet, and featuring Beast Junhyung as the rapper.

Junhyung is actually not just a rapper for this track, but he was actually made this track, co-produced together with Shinsadong Tiger.

My opinion for this track? Honestly, just so-so. I like the electronic-dance sound, but the lyrics are too much repetitive. Its very suitable if you're making someone to be quiet, without hurting their feelings haha.

And the only highlight for this song is Junhyung's rapping, and his "Uh-Ohh.." xD and I'm not being a bias! Sorry, but I don't like the song, for now.

Hopefully Junhyung will be on stage rapping for this song on Kim Wan Sun's comeback stage. Craving for some Beast~!! :D

Check out the track here:


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