Sunday, October 2, 2011

K-Pop pre debut: Beast

Annyeong! I wanna share some of my photos collection of K-pop artist predebut. I mean, SOME, really :P

Lemme start with Beast, since I got thousands of predebut until recent photos of them xD Junhyung never fails to make me impressed since his kid photo, OMG swagging since..forever!

My swaggin' dragon

Doojoon is so adorable as a kid! I wanna squish him on cheeks!! omnomnomnom xDD

D'aawwww~~ :")

Dongwoon.. the self-praise as a male-god, really does look like an Arab prince since his childhood.. Why? LOL I'm trolling you Woonie haha

Pretty little Woonie

Yoseob, the cutest thing in the whole world, he's soooooo cuteeee~~ Well.. Of course la kannn :P Haihh, I wanna have a brother as cute as him.. Or maybe boyfriend? Haha.. Errr I'm prefer to have Junhyung type, "swagger but sometimes can be cute" type xD

Aigoo yaa seobie~~ Wae so cutee? Aihh

Gikwang, the AJ before Beast era. I was a fan of him since his Dancing Shoes promotions, his cute innocent face, plus his hawt body, surely can melt any girl's hearts (including me of course, sometimes, lalala)

Gikwang was ACTUALLY kissed a girl on a drink CF

Hyunseung 's predebut photos are mostly collected since his training days with Big Bang, as So-1. I really liked him during his appearance on Big Bang Documentary MTV 2006, and literally cried when YG announced to make it 5-members Big Bang, and Hyunseung needs to depart. But! Good things does wait for him, he's a Beast! ^^

Wae I look you as beauty, and not a handsome boy huh Seungie? Haha.. Give me 4 point!

Now, I shall share other random predebut photos of them okay~

2JunSeob.. Seobie~ Did you wore leggings? LOL

Kiseob are actually friends since their schoolhood


With one of his pasts xD

OMGee~ Junhyung was on a drama back then

My lil Mr. Yong :P

Aigooo~ I'm sure this was Junhyung Xing's days LOL

Predebut Dooseob

Predebut 2Junseob


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