Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beast's Facts!

Dont Know what to do, so, Beast's facts! xD

B2ST (or "BEAST") = Boys 2 search for the Top, or Boys of the East Standing Tall
Official fan club = B2UTY
Year formed = 2009
Behind the fan name: A witty allusion to the fairytale called Beauty and the Beast, b2uty and the b2st xD
Color/merch item : pearl midnight or blue/navy

1. "So Beast!" was the meaning of "How awesome" which was made up by their choreographer.

2. Junhyung is the nagging father? Hyunseung is the precise mother. He is a PERFECTIONIST:)

3. "Fans don't call me handsome. I wonder where they get pretty from. B2UTYs, I'm not a girl *laughs shyly*" - Hyunseung

4. Hyunseung wants B2ST to have a stage with Big Bang

5. Hyunseung when he first met Doojoon, knew that Doojoon was a reliable leader.

6. Doojoon reveals Dongwoon's true identity as maknae. "When we're at home, he would come to me using his cute act and say 'Hyung~~'" - YoonLeader

7. Junhyung says the members and the managers don't clean after they eat =.="

8. "... they just leave it around, and when flies come out, they don't even catch them." -Junhyung

9. Junhyung usually cleans out the living room. He cleans without telling the members, and then he blames them for not helping him

10. "We don't know that you clean. After you clean, you nag. So that's how we know. Hehe."
- Doojoon

11. Junhyung is especially picky about the bathroom. "It's a place of hygiene, so it must be kept clean."

12. Each of the members have a different colour toothbrush and Junhyung likes to rearrange them according to the rainbow. xD

13. He (Junhyung) makes sure that there is enough shampoo to be used weekly and makes sure they never run out of shaving cream

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