Monday, March 28, 2011

Junhyung Cause Me Nosebleeding, LITERALLY!

Hi! I'm kinda feels giddy today, eventhough the fact that I got fever with a seriously, massively sore throat and runny nose. Why am I so happy? Because, last night I had a dream, and Beast's Jun Hyung was in my dream hahah! Usually I barely get a dream in my sleeps, which I really wish to get more dreams in my sleep every night. But! Last night, I got this very sweet dream, with Jun Hyung. Awwww~ xD

The dream was so sweetly innocent, I was a school girl, and I guess he's also in the same school with me, and one day, he just shows up in front of me, grabs my hand, and suddenly the school turns to be High School Musical feel, but with Korean songs la, haha. In the dream, I could see Jun Hyung's eyes were so sparkling, seems like to tell me that he was truly loves me and wanna live togeher with me forever, and of course I believe that! xD Haha I know, lame right? But what the hell, I believe in my Jun Hyung!

But Then, I woke up, and realized the sweet moments was a dream, haizz =.="
With my bad health condition, I wake up and prepare for shower. But then, my nose bleed, non stop for minutes! Aigooo T.T

Jun Hyung u so bad, makes me nosebleed xD

Here I wanna share some videos of Jun Hyung, my favs! ;)

So sad seeing him performs in pain. T.T

Jun Hyung being cute after pervie Doo Joon peeks into his shirt lol xD

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