Saturday, March 26, 2011

Block B: Anticipated Much? xD

Block B, brand new Korean boy band, will kickin their grand debut this April 14th, 2011 . This new boy band under producer Jo PD will release their first single- Do You Wanna B?. I still dunno what genre or kind of sound they'll bring to us, but hey, still anticipated! Woot woot!! *Ehem, their official fanclub name is BBC (Block B Club). Hmmm considering will I be their BBC or not, since I'm already a Cloud, V.I.P, Hottest, B2UTY, A+, etc~~ hahaha

Anticipating for this 14th April! :D

Jaehyo :)

This boy is the main reason for my anticipation. He is exactly my type LOL. He's Zico, and he is kinda look alike to Yong JunHyung, BEAST's rapper. My type!! xD

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