Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day With Stories!

Hi. Today I’ve experienced so many things, new situations, same-old-and-annoying situations, and whatsoever. I really feel like crying now, my mood are all gone because of one particular effing annoying incident I faced this evening. Malay men are all same, including the boyans and sometimes banglas. sorry, but this is what I feel RIGHT NOW.

I’ve started my morning with a wonderful interview session, a really great experience, and really hope I can pursue and develop my skills there. The afternoon, me shopping alone. Lonely? Nahh, kinda happy, I can feel like to go anywhere anytime as I wish without any thought of other’s desires. Sigh, the April ’11 Epop still not in the market yet, dying for it! demm.

Then, it’s the evening. Huhhh I really don’t want to remember it, or anyone related to it. It was total disturbing and psychotic, and I really2 wish I will never ever meet this sickminded person again. Urghh this kind of situation really is one of the reason I hate men. Well, not all, but mostly, sorry. I really want to know what the hell is inside men’s brain, other than sick, dirty thoughts. Urghh disgusting, seriously.

My spirit shattered and weak now, but I’m fine, I’m strong, and this is nothing.
*self- hypnotizing*

Beast songs therapy is all I need today, I need them to strengthen myself, and to not worrying myself with the stupid people and situations. Beast I need u

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