Monday, March 14, 2011

Guys, This Is My Fav Hairstyle!

Hi! Okay, today I wanna share something with you. My preference on a guy/boy's hairstyle. Heheh. I REALLY like to see a guy who takes care on his appearance, but of course, in moderate, not excessively, or overly taking care on his style, hmm should I say, metrosexual kinda guy. I'm not really into this kind of guy. I'm also kinda turned-off by guys which doesnt bother at all on their clothings, looks, hair and stuff. A messy-guy to be exact, and smelly too, huh really makes me annoyed after seconds seeing or meeting them. I like guys with short hair. doesnt matter what style they want, but not longer than shoulder, coz I dont wanna be lesbian for having a "girlfriend" lol. My most fav hairstyle is the natural/ effortless hair style. I like it better if a guy dont put on hair wax or whatsoever, just let it be as natural as they can be, BUT, make sure to shampoo the hair as frequent as you can, dont only shampoo your hair like once a week! Euwwww the hair will become oily and smelly for sure, and definitely will get a free-lecture from girls, seriously disgusting.

These are some of examples of guy's hairstyle I adore most, short, simple, and CLEAN:

See! So effortless, but how come Donghae still remain so cute? Becoz of the hair of course! Hehe

Remember! No longer than shoulder line. :)

Awww looks so innocent xD

Khunnie never fails at any kind of hairstyle actually, but this is the most interesting!

Ngee short hair, still looks fantastic!

Err this is kinda bad example. LOL mianhe Junhyung, I'm using your wig-photo as the bad hairstyle reference haha

Awww this lil kiddy, so cute!

P/S: Shampoo your hair everyday, or at least once every 2 days okay! :D

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