Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Yong Jun Hyung! ^^

This entry is especially made for Beast Junhyung! Sempena birthday nya yang ke 22 tahun ni (but in Korea they count it 23 years) Woohoo! You know you're my ULTIMATE bias don't you? Hehe ♥

Apa lagi? Photo spamming lah! xD

19 December 1989^^

The precious smile :)

Paling suka masa 2Jun teases each other! Junhyung "bertukar" jadi girlish tetiba bhhahahha

Walaupun sudah ada yang punya, I still love you lahh! Teehee! :D

Gambar zaman pre-debut pun dah hemsem kann, apatah lagi sekarang~ xD

Alololo, jangan la malu.. Nyiahahah xD

Okay I'm sorry upload gambar yang tu, nak buat macam mane kan, dalam folder Junhyung sorang ada 867 gambar, lalalal


Yong Jun Hyung,

‘It isn’t easy to fill up a blank space, the memories just shine a light to where you were, words that i don’t even mean , i send them to you, clenching my fist tight, good luck to you.”

you’re one of the most amazing rappers to ever exist, you have the ability to not only dance,sing,rap and compose but to make all b2uties scream their freaking lungs out the minute you bring the mic to your lips. At first it was your lyrics that really stuck to me but then i realized the other side to you, your whole personality is truly amazing, your cute laughing style and unexpected aeygo , slapping your members and falling over in public, pinch-able cheeks and a thick tongue, a tattoo that isn’t just same random crap but actually has meaning, your motherly nagging and love for coke. everything about you has made me love you more and more , and im sure all b2uties feel the same, wishing you the bestest birthday and the best future possible . HAPPYJOKERDAY ~

Now listening: Yong Jun Hyung (Beast) - Be My Love


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