Friday, July 16, 2010

hurmm.... Not Cute. Sorry

SHINee are going to make a comeback with a new style and theme, and for me it's totally NOT COOL! hahaha sorry but i just hate their hairstyles. First Jonghyung looks like a hungry lion, or 2004 DBSK. Onew kinda looks like Yoon Eun-Hye hairstyle in her drama My Fair Lady, lol. 3rd, maknae Taemin looks like a girl-next-door. ahaha i swear he looks so beautiful! Minho.. errr kinda nerdy and i really do prefer his old style. and, OMG, Key, what were u thinking?? with a blonde kinda bald sideburns, and a lame mohawk, hmmm nothing to say. sorry but i dont like their styles, not being a hypocrite. hopefully their upcoming song will be a super hit, and i'm fully anticipating for it.

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