Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I admit i'm a HOTTEST!!

chill chill, i'm not calling myself as a HOT girl, yah i know i'm not as HOT as YOU, right? :) i'm just saying that i am one of the HOTTEST, a pretty fanatic fan of hot-gorgeous-cute-buff-funny-hot again-idiots-but still HOT--- 2PM!!!!! ahahahaha, i hate them!! (liar) :P
i love 2PM since jaebom together with them, and now i'm supporting both jay and 2PM!


if u watched 2PM in Wild Bunny, i'm sure you'll LOL your butts out seeing this episode! they are totally hilarious especially that white "Toshio" wooyoung, ahahhahahaa

Don't Stop Can't Stop.. :)

KhunWoo.. awww~~

the Hottest time of the day... 2PM!!

nice, n i stole it from others blog :P

errr these are their brothers, 2AM (same management comp- JYP) omo~~ i had cramp on my stomach watching them! never imagined changmin (2nd left) would wear a skirt like that! wahhahaha, i got tears on my eyes now lol
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