Thursday, July 1, 2010

pictures spamming time!

Ah, its been forever since my last pictures spamming, ayte? Oke today i'll do it. Hahaha think maybe lots of ppl gets annoyed seeing too much KPOP scenes here, but so what? Robowt lives HER life, and this is HER passion, on HER blog, weee~

Lemme start it off with Thunder of MBLAQ. The overloaded cuteness boy bacame even cuter by wearing his hoodie like that. Awww~

Look-a-like male-female. The girl (left) is Shin Ae, korean actress, also took part in We Got Married tv show with Alex. And, the boy is Heechul, "cinderella" of SuJu. They indeed looks like twin!

A bad n sad news: Winter Sonata's "2nd actor" Park Yong Ha was found dead in his room, he committed suicide on 30th June 2010, there's reports saying that he's having too much pressure and problems, with his ill father n business failure, causing him gives up his life.

B2ST came to Malaysia!!! And I didnt get myself go to their showcase, wargghhhh dissapointment! Hmmm at least looking them wearing that "I MALAYSIA" makes me cooldown myself again LOL

Ahahahaa my Ang Ang Wooyoung 2PM!! What makes him doing this expression? Haha cute! And suddenly I remembered of Woo being Toshio (Ju-On boy) XD

CN Blue Yong Hwa performing, at Music Core I think. He has such a charisma everytime he performing, which can make ppl just stare at him and let drools dry by itself!! Warrghhahahaha

OMO~~ 2PM Junho made a backflip! So cool, with mouth-dropping MCs on the left, ahaha

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