Friday, February 12, 2010

Am I much hotter now? How would I know

Haha such a perasan I am. But if ur on the same superboat with me, surely you'll feel the same. When I was in elementary sch, I used to be an obese kid, I got a giant size body, and totally "cute"! OMG! Idk, mayb bcause of hormones, as my dietary was not really that big as typical's ones. And frustrating as it sounds, I weighed over 60 kg, at 12 years age =.="

And it feels like a miracle, as when I'm in secondary sch, I just lost my weight, almost 10 kg, and it was so fast, like tetiba je kecik (sikit je la) hahaha

This is my image in class photo (darjah 6). me standing behind, 3 from right.

this is the zoomed-in version lol

so how? wakakakaka, niways, no matter what size am I now, I'm still the same person, still the same Asma Ishak :)

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