Saturday, February 6, 2010

Even Rain hyung gave up on us- MBLAQ

Rookie boyband MBLAQ reveals, “Even Rain gave up on us.”

MBLAQ appeared for the recent filming of KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell when they talked about it.

During the filming session, MC Jeon HyunMoo said, “I heard that Rain will monitor MBLAQ when you go on variety shows, what are his responses?” And G.O said, “He said he will monitor our image for the 1st 2 months when we debuted, but from the 3rd month, hyung is now helpless and said ‘You guys do whatever you want!’.” The members revealed that after that, they just did what they like on variety shows, rousing laughters from the other guest appearances.

2AM SeulOng said, “JinYoung hyung also said that to us at first, like don’t do that, or try to act moderately, but he went to the States.”The show will air on 6th February.


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