Saturday, February 6, 2010

HyeRim’s first performance as part of WonderGirls in China!

WonderGirls’ new member HyeRim (Lim)’s first performance with the group took place on 5th February.

After the leaving of member SunMi, HyeRim who is the newly joined member had her first official performance as part of the group during an event in China on 5th February.

The girls are in China for a promotional event for their product endorsement, during the event they performed several of their hits like ‘Nobody’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘So Hot’ etc.

HyeLim has been a trainee under JYP Entertainment for 3 years and is fluent in 4 languages – Korea, English, Chinese and Cantonese. Her nationality is Korean but she holds a PR in HongKong. She was supposed to debut as part of the Chinese WonderGirls with other JYP trainees like Jia and Fei Fei.


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