Sunday, February 7, 2010

the list that always changing :)

Kekeke, such a napun yoja I am, weee

And why is that? Bcoz I'm always have a most-favourite-korean boys list, and I found it was always changing, since I was "into this world" about 7 years ago, ngaahahaha

7years ago, when I'm in form2 to be exact, the first korean boy I've fallen in love was Lee Dong-Gun. Yup, its Lee Dong-Gun everybody, not Bae Yong-Jun, hahaha.. I luv him when I watched a drama Lovers In Paris, together with Jung-Eun (she's cute too!)

Then was Song Seung Heon, after watched his "sadness eyes" in Autumn in My Heart.. *meltz*

Kwon Sang Woo is my next boy in this list. Luv his acting skill, and his killing ABS! hahaa

Then, in 2005, Rain's spirit was totally possessed me. I was like out of my mind everytime watching him. Memula dari drama Full House la yg ak bole jadi gila kat mmat ni. Argh hensem kot, mmg btuah la kalo dapat jadi gf dye ni, kahkah (nak start berangan la tu). Bole kata banyak gak lagu dia ak hafal, n last year I was even watched his Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin TWICE!! still can't get enough, and his body was soooo.. Oke2 I'll stop talking about him alone, ramai lagi yg ak nak msukkan dalam list ni =.=" anyways, saranghae ^^

Memula ak kenal korea ni, drama je la yg ak layan, bab2 penyanyi/ bands ak xlayan lagi, so ini la hasilnye, some of actors yg mnarik phatian mata ak:

banyak lagi ni, saje malas upload lagi hahah
oke2 part yg bez suda mari.. Sjak 2008, lpas SPM, aktiviti mndengar lagu2 dari band korea makin meningkat, ak da jadi makin gila dgn dorg ni, wakaka.. Xsilap ak, first band yg ak minat were Dong Bang Shin Ki/ DBSK/ TVXQ/ whatsoever la, banyak benaw name, hahah, ak minat dak2 ni sbab firstly suara dorg yg mmg xbole bla sedapnye, kalo layan sblum tido mmg kompem nyenyak ouh.. Antara suma2 ni ak paling minat Mickey, his voice~ urghh.. :p

BIGBANG!!! What more can I say.. *ANGAU*~ I just loved them since their debute, and their first single- LALALA was my ringtone back then.. And ofcoz, loving TOP oppa ^^

Then was FT Island. Still ingat first song dorg- Lovesick, sjak haritu ak mnat kat vocalist, Lee HongKi, the "cuteness" Jeremy, hehe

Super Junior were my next madness. All 13 of them have different personality, which that is why I just luv them, and my most fav oppa is Siwon, heee, luv his lesung pipit ^^

Then is of course, 2PM!!!! All 7-boys-band (used to be) were so hot! And it was so sad when the leader Jaebeom left this group and back to States, after a controversial post on Myspace. It was so unfair to me T.T I'm also have 2 fav boys for this band- Taecyeon and Nichkhun. Nothing better~ ^^

Shinee's Noona Nomu Yeppo song was caught my ears since the first time I heard them. LOVE Choi Minho, wakaka
My latest and newest boys is MBLAQ!! At first I luv them just bcoz Rain is their producer, and Lee Joon was acted as younger version of Raizo in Ninja Assassin, his HONEY ABS was made my pupil going to be popped out of my eyes lol.. Seriously they are all hot and cute at the same time, and I'm using their song- G.O.O.D Luv as my messaging ringtone right now, heee

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