Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 MNET Asian Music Awards, Vote Vote Vote~!!

Woohoo, later in this month will have 2011 MAMA, in Singapore! (how I wish it'll be in Malaysia T.T) and there are options for online voting, for free and without sign-up everybody~! Just sign in using Facebook or Twitter account, then voila, you can vote anyone you wish!!

These are my votes:

Best New Male Artist:
Huh Gak

Best New Female Artist:
A Pink

Best Male Group:

Best Female Group:

Best Male Artist:
Sung Si Kyung

Best Female Artist:

Best Dance Performance - solo:
Kim Hyun Joong (Break Down)

Best Dance Performance - Male Group:
Infinite (Be Mine)

Best Dance Performance - Female Group:
Miss A (Good-bye Baby)

Best Band Performance:
FT Island (Hello Hello)

Best Rap Performance:
Mighty Mouth (Tok Tok)

Best Vocal Performance Solo:
Huh Gak (Hello)

Best Vocal Performance Group:
DAVICHI (Don't Say Goodbye)

Best O.S.T:
Baek Ji Young (That Woman- Secret Garden OST)

Best Music Video:
Big Bang (Love Song)

Song of the Year:
BEAST (Fiction)

Artist of the Year:

Well, obviously Imma B2UTY, yeayyy xD BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST!!!! *ahemm, I'm sorry for the best dance performance, Infinite got my vote, their dance are awesome ever!!

Hurry up move your asses and vote vote vote~! *click* (one vote for each day though~~ ==")



Kuronofu91 said...

haiiihhh...kalau la TVXQ x berpecah...mesti menang punya~~~~

robowtasmara said...

tau takpe, tapi nak wat cano~~

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