Thursday, November 24, 2011

2PM in Malaysia, and I'm at Somewhere Else T.T

Because I listen to my heartbeat one by one...
Sulpeun... Sad... And might be anger too!
This entry is specially made directly from my heart
2PM.. Why is my heart feel so pain?
:( :(

Tomorrow all Hottest will have a heavenly experience
at Stadium Negara
For 2PM Hands Up Asia Concert
But not me
Yes, not for me. Lucky me not T.T

Junho, I'm almost bursting my tears right now,
And maybe tomorrow they might meet the world
I'm kinda sure about it, Junho sshi

I'm gonna be okay baby without you...

To all my Hottest friends, have a very blast party tomorrow night,
Please make a very pleasant impression to our boys, for their first visit
I'm supporting in my room, through fancams and photos :)
Sounds pity? Well take a look yourself.



kim heeruul said...

lorh..tak dpt pi..

robowtasmara said...

same la, plus tiket macam dah sold out je T.T

aminatul aini said...

tiket de jual lgi..tpi bhgian free seating..RM180...huhuhu

robowtasmara said...

itu lah yang xbez tu, jauh sangat, rugi je datang :(

aminatul aini said...

tau xpe...rugi le klau dduk bahagian tu..

cik ika said...

i m falling in love my new entry..

*jgn jeles..:P

suha said...

xminat korea (^_^)

Pendamba Mawar said...

hehe sian dia

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