Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Bang Wins Best Worldwide Act On 2011 MTV EMA! OMG Congratulation!!!

Big Bang has been announced the winner in the "Worldwide Act" category at 2011 MTV European Music Awards early this morning! (4 am KST) Congratulation Big Bang~!!!! ♥

Woohoo look at my babies here~~ Seriously I'm proud of them, seriously!! Imma proud VIP since 2006 omg!! Been rooting them since their debut, and now I could feel as proud as them! Big Bang Saranghae!!! Thank you for proving something for us!!! *omg fangirling like there's no tomorrow haha!

Taeyang's smile receiving the award is truly precious! Awww

TOP stares LIKE A BOSS! xD

Big Bang received 58,000,000 out of the total of 158,000,000 votes (those including Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Song, etc) for the MTV EMA Awards. Big Bang won under the Worldwide Act category against other nominees such as Restart, Lena, and Britney Spears.

Even Big Bang was the highest star mentioned on Twitter by the whole world during the MTV EMA!

Due to an impressive supports given by VIPs and other kpop fandoms, Big Bang made new history in the world of Kpop. The first ever group to get nominated and even won for the said award. Yeayy!!

Although is has been a very tough year for the group, with so many negative articles involving the members, all five members of Big Bang (including Daesung of course!) came as a whole to Belfast, Northern Ireland to make history.

During the speech, Taeyang expressed their gratitude to fans, "This is only because of our fans, through our ups and downs. Thank you for standing by us."

Okay Asma, uljima~ T.T Proud of them!

Too many GDYB moments on stage too~! :D ♥

And.. This is the message to all people that might think "what the hell is this? Did they even deserve to win on MTV EMA Awards?" :-

Proud VIP!

Once again, congrats Big Bang!! ♥ ♥

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